Scruff: mobile application for gay travelers

Mobile application for gay travelers developed in US. As reported by The New York Times, the program was called Scruff and attracted 8 million users. The app is somewhat similar to the already known Grindr, but thanks Scruff, gay tourists can not only find out who is located near to them, but also to communicate with those who have recently visited a particular country, and with those who are going to make the journey. It will be possible to obtain information about which users planning to come to town for an event – concerts, exhibitions and so on. Local residents will be able to share with the board of tourists on what and when to visit in their city.

"We believe that gay tourists are traveling differently than heterosexual couples. Gays more social and outgoing while traveling in the new city for them "- explain the creators of the application.

They also announce a free advertising platform Benevolads for non-profit organizations working with the LGBT audience:

The service also allows strangers to plan a joint trip and rent apartments on Airbnb. Scruff application will be available in more than 20 cities around the world, the most popular among gay travelers. Several large cities in the US, Europe and Australia have already organized a parties by this application. Developers promise that in future the list of cities will be increased.