Site of the day: How to draw in a stereogram for a couple of minutes

Site of the day: How to draw a stereogram for a couple of minutes

Feel like a magician 🙂

Yesterday we talked about stereograms – special pictures, which are hidden from the untrained sight three-dimensional images. And today we have something for you abruptly! It turns out that you do not need any special skills to create your own stereogram – all you need is already on the Internet. Just look here 😉

On the page there are templates – a set of random geometric shapes, painted in different shades of gray. Pay, by the way, the shades affect on what the plan turns out to be one or the other figure. The whiter, the deeper is placed in the figure.

  • стереограмма
  • волшебный глаз

By the way, look at the buttons. Show Depth Map / Show Magic Eye switches the viewing mode from stereogram to the image of hidden figures. By clicking on Redraw Shapes changing shapes and their location.

If you feel a burst of creative energy and ready to encode your own message, click on Draw Your Own. You immediately go to a new screen with a palette of gray shades and circles, which indicate the thickness of the brush. Back to the figures at any time by clicking on Back To Shapes, but the progress of the picture will be reset.

By the way, bear in mind that the eraser is not here, you can only fully clear the canvas with the Clear button. But white is the color of the brush, which replaces the eraser and that you can draw on top of other shades. In the drawing process can many times to switch between the canvas and the resulting stereogram.

Do not get carried away only in small details – to see them will be difficult, even if you’re a guru in looking at these images. When you decide that your creation is finished, just save the picture and share it with your friends. Let try to understand what you drew 🙂

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