Top 5 Period Tracker Apps

Like any smart girl, you, of course, monitor your health. We have 5 applications that will help you track your period easy and simple.


The application is proud of its scientific basis. Carefully plug in your period start date and the number of days it typically lasts, and a few months later the application starts calculate itself and report the approaching date of the cycle. Download iTunes. Photo: Archives of the press service


Calendar of menstruation (Period Tracker) will please you with simple and pretty interface. Put it and enjoy it. Download in iTunes. Photo: Archives of News


Like the previous two, Cycles collects data about your cycle and calculates the next date of ovulation and the beginning of the month. If you have irregular periods, Cycles app is what you need. Simply scroll through the timeline before the first day of menstruation. That's all! Cycles app  automatically adjusts the cycle length and forecasts according to the needs. Download in iTunes. Photo: Archives of the press service


Another tracker, skillfully combining cool design with an easy-to-use calendar. In addition to the cycle, the app helps keep track of physical activity, nutrition, sleep, etc. Download in iTunes. Photo: Archives of News


The most cute application, Period Tracker: My Calendar, counts all the same as the previous ones. It is also indispensable if you use oral contraceptives. With Period Tracker: My Calendar you will know when it's time to pop one. Download in iTunes.

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