Autumn-2019: schedule of sports events in Dubai

Fall finally came into its own, and with her came her faithful companions autumn melancholy and laziness. Sports has no special motivation, because the body is hidden behind several layers of clothing. However, one should not succumb to these temptations. Cheer up and bring the body in tone, having gone to Dubai, where autumn is a lot of interesting events for active people.

Dubai Fitness Challenge


Dubai Fitness Challenge

Dubai Fitness Challenge

From 18 October to 16 November will be a sports event Dubai Fitness Challenge, which has become for residents and visitors to the city have already become traditional. This time around the city will be a sports “themed towns” and playgrounds with the latest equipment, will host more than 8,000 free workshops and fitness programs offering everyone the opportunity to devote a few minutes a day to their health and to improve health.


The color run

Красочный забег

November 10 at the Dubai autodrome will be the brightest running start of the season the color run. During this 5-kilometer race participants are sprayed with multicolored paint as you progress through 5 different zones. To feel the whole atmosphere, it is necessary to perform only two light conditions: to wear white at the start and finish, scoring as many flowers. For the seventh Colorful race this year was chosen a special theme: each participant can create his own superhero costume. After the race the fun continues at the festival — music, dancing and more colours waiting for all daredevils.


The Tough Mudder race du

Забег du Tough Mudder

November 15 at Dubai Festival City, anyone can go to the Tough Mudder race du through impassable mud and obstacle course, a 10 km long Test designed to test physical strength, endurance and ingenuity of the teams that decide to participate in the test. Especially for kids who crave adventure, invented condensed obstacle course is 1.5 km away.


The Festival, YogaFest

Фестиваль YogaFest

From 21 to 23 November, you can attend master classes within the festival, YogaFest, has impressive programme of free lessons on yoga and sports activities outdoors in the heart of Dubai Internet city. They will be able to participate without an appointment.


Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge

Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge

From 28 to 29 November at the Dubai autodrome will host the annual Bicycle run Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge, which was founded in 2010. Two distances: 53 km and 92 km, and the route passes through the multi-lane highway of Dubai with the full support of the local police, as well as on main roads, which will be open only to bicyclists at the time of the run.