Kate moss together with his family, Jude law is resting on the yacht in Portofino


Кейт Мосс вместе с семьей Джуда Лоу отдыхает на яхте в Портофино

Kate Moss

Vacation 45-year-old Kate moss continues! The yacht model has already managed to move from Saint-Tropez to Portofino, where now, it seems, a step can not be not to face with any celebrity. There are resting and Kylie Jenner with the family, and billionaire Jeff Bezos with the beloved.

Kate, like last time, were caught by paparazzi while bathing: I think water therapy is a favorite form of recreation of the model. In black bikini from Eres model again many dive, jumping from the boat into the sea, and basking in the warm waves.

Кейт МоссKate Moss

Beloved models of Nikolai von Bismarck in the lenses of the paparazzi is not horrible, but it is known that, in addition to Sadie frost, moss’s company on the boat was also 18-year-old iris law (daughter of Sadie from her marriage to Jude law) and her boyfriend Jarell Roberts. Silhouettes of young people can be seen in the background pictures of moss.

Кейт Мосс

Unlike the active model, young people preferred to sit in the shade — in the literal sense of the word, and was more busy with their smartphones. Instagram during the trip, iris really trying to update regularly, sharing not only photographs, which capture itself, but also with photos of local landmarks.

Айрис ЛоуIris LoweДжайрелл РобертсJarell Roberts

Фото из Instagram Айрис ЛоуPhoto from Instagram iris Lowe