Pasta with sea urchin, crab with beets and other unusual combinations in the new restaurant’s menu 101 Dining Lounge and Marina in the resort of One&Only The Palm in Dubai

To create new main dishes of the chef of the restaurant Alleno Yannick (Yannick Alléno), owner of three stars Michelin, inspired by an exhibition of the famous artist Damien Hirst’s “treasures of the sunken ship “the Incredible””. The exhibits presented in it, looked like treasures raised from the sea bottom, such as corals overgrown statue of Mickey mouse.

Янник Аллено (Yannick Alléno) — шеф-повар ресторана 101 Dining Lounge and Marina на курорте One&Only The Palm

Alleno Yannick (Yannick Alléno) — chef restaurant 101 Dining Lounge and Marina in the resort of One&Only The Palm

Now and in 101 Dining Lounge and Marina, which offers beautiful views of the Arabian Gulf, every detail — from the exquisite dishes that mimic fish scales, to the original seafood — reminds guests of the proximity to the ocean.

The new menu features such unusual combinations like tagliatelle with wasabi sauce and bottarga, crab with beetroot jelly, pasta with sea urchin, smoked sea bream with red orange and beans slim, black cod poached with ginger miso broth. And Bouillabaisse 101 — a witty reinvention of Yannick Alleno one of the simplest French dishes. Difference is the additional ingredient espuma of Aioli.

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For meat lovers, the menu includes steak, ribs, marinated in kombu seaweed, pan-fried in miso butter glazed oyster sauce with spices, or rack of lamb with a crust of anchovies and eggplant caviar.

Especially for lovers of snacks Yannick Alleno along with a team developed a menu 101 Bites, which features a hot dog with king crab meat and cocktail sauce, and sashimi of yellowtail with coconut water and wasabi.

The cocktail card of the restaurant 101 logically continues the marine theme menu Yannick Alleno. Here you should definitely try the cocktails Message in a Bottle (“Message butylka”) and The Sinking Man (“the Drowning man”).

To get to the restaurant on a yacht or boat from the resort One&Only The Palm.

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