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In St. Petersburg appeared first prevent-age resort Kommersant Style from

On the Gulf of Finland not so long ago opened an unusual health center: everything is dedicated to the prevention of diseases and prevention of aging. “Kommersant Style” versed in the details.


From January 2018, famous Komarovsky Bereg changed: old-dacha place in 40 km from St. Petersburg is now the sanatorium is a new type resort with the telling title “First line”. The emphasis here is not on treatment, and on diagnosis and prevention of diseases, the use of developments in genetics and preventive medicine.

Worth coming here for a variety of reasons: if you feel a permanent fatigue, not enough sleep, late all the time, nervous, weight is not reduced when the maximum effort on your part, and overall quality of life and your from her the feeling is not the best. Programs here are a few: “Biohacking”, “beauty Gene”, “De-stress”, “Men’s health”, “Absolute detox” and others, and they all start with a detailed conversation with the doctor and a thorough check-up, when you create a personal “health map” for each guest. It is worth noting that modern technologies are used here at the highest level — all appointments are entered into a single system, you download the phone app “marine sanatorium” via QR code and literally keep your finger on the pulse of their own health.

The main areas in the resort are rejuvenation (anti-age), beauty and nutrition, it would seem that the common and frequent. But in the case of “First line” it is worth noting that is an integrated approach and comprehensive study of the body.

Relatively speaking, there aren’t going to just starve you hunger, and will find out the reason which causes the extra weight.

Not to stab wrinkles Botox, and to improve the quality of food and sleep — to the skin is first restored, and then deal with the external “tuning”. This method of “house” for our country is still a novelty, and therefore deserves attention.

Основатель и идеолог курорта Мария Грудина

The founder and ideologist of the resort Maria sternum

Maria sternum, founder and ideologist of the resort, says: “the Volume of investments amounted to RUB 1.5 billion, and the design and equipping of the resort took two years. We are the first certified 5 star resort in Saint Petersburg and in the creation of a complex focused exclusively on world Spa experience — Wellness clinic Switzerland, Spain, USA, Italy. We also cooperate with the largest network of Korean clinics Chaum, in October held an international conference with them in Saint-Petersburg and planning to implement all new emerging method of recovery. On our platform, accredited training and methodological centre, and we have already held some 30 conferences and seminars at the resort for a year of work”.

What is especially important, despite the amount of innovation, “First line” retained sanatorium the spirit of the past, and it is manifested at a calm time, calm, power mode. This is no less important than the latest medical equipment. The resort is on the beach, the complex is successfully integrated into the natural landscape and along the Gulf of Finland in the manner of the great Repin, Gorky, Mayakovsky or Akhmatova, who was vacationing here at the time, I feel that same peace and harmony, which here and worth a visit.

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