The richest man in the world Jeff Bezos is on holidays with a new lover in France

55-year-old founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos rarely gets into the camera lens. This time paparazzi caught him on vacation in the company of his sweetheart, 49-year-old American journalist Lauren Sanchez. The pair had a wonderful time in France, the lovers strolled arm in arm along the promenade, rode jet skis and sunbathing on a yacht. There’s Jeff and Lauren met with their friends (see also: “the giving pledge”: why the richest people in the world refuse to billions?).

And the next day the couple went to Portofino on a luxury yacht entrepreneur. In a picturesque town in Italy lovers walked the streets and dined in local restaurants.

Recall that the last time the paparazzi managed to capture Bezos with sweetheart tennis tournament Wimbledon in July. Billionaire leads a fairly private life and don’t like to advertise the details of his personal life, so reporters rarely manages to capture Bezos (see also: “the impostor Syndrome”: a secret fear of successful people and celebrities).

Jeff Bezos with a sweetheart at Wimbledon 2019

The lovers met in the beginning of this year, but for a long time kept their relationship a secret, as both were not free. Lauren divorced from her husband, marriage of Jeff Bezos has also been terminated (by the way, after 25 years of marriage). The former wife of the businessman, the writer Mackenzie Bezos, received a 4% stake in the company, which amounted to approximately $ 39 billion and put it in third place of the richest women in the world.