10 precious Chaumet bows

A new collection of Chaumet jewelery includes just two jewelry lines, the so-called high and fine jewellery. Total – ten items, the combined name of Insolence. Sometimes even lush bows with diamonds – very French.

Four ornaments exist in a single copy, six – less massive and more modest by the standards of the total weight of diamonds – will become part of the permanent collection. Interestingly, in both cases, a combination of two colors of gold is almost the main decorative techniques. By the way, it is quite rare for haute joaillerie, where the alloy with flowers made solely for competitive play feeding colored stones. Here Chaumet give admire the combination of warm and twisted yellow or pink gold with a cold brilliance of diamonds in their familiar white frame. The look is very modern, but the designers clearly drew inspiration from archival things. But not so deep – asymmetry here clearly comes from the 1940s.