24 shades of the new lipstick Rouge Hermès — Premier beauty line for the legendary French House

The house of Hermès opens a new Chapter and gives the collection of lipsticks Rouge Hermès: 24 shades in black-and-white boxes with brashirovanie gold accents and three shades of limited edition summer collection in colored boxes, and a balm for care of lips universal lip pencil, lip gloss and a brush for applying lipstick.

24 оттенка новой помады Rouge Hermès — премьера бьюти-линии легендарного французского Дома Креативный директор подразделения Beaute Hermes Жером Турон (Jerome Touron)

Creative Director of Beauté Hermès Jerome Turon (Jérôme Touron): “I represent the texture of our make-up in roll call with other House materials. As a game of analogies. As a natural extension of the Hermes up to the sensations on the surface of the skin. Thinking about the effect of our lipstick, I immediately thought about the skin. The pleasure and sense of comfort that I have. How does the skin look like what it to the touch”.

Коллекция помад Rouge Hermès, 14 атласных и 10 матовых оттенков

The collection of lipsticks Rouge Hermès, 14 10 satin and matte shades

Like the Hermès leather, with different dressing, lipstick Rouge Hermès is available in two variants — matte and satin. First inspired by Doblis calfskin, soft to the touch, and the second box calf leather, smooth and reflect light.

Лимитированная коллекция помады Rouge Hermès, оттенки: Rose Inouï, Violet Insensé, Corail Fou

Limited collection lipstick, Rouge Hermès, shades: Rose Inouï, Violet’insensé, serve quality, Corail Fou

All lipsticks are the same form of rod, but the shape of tip changes depending on texture: for lipstick matte texture — pointed tip to draw a clear and thin line, from satin — rounded tip to apply its broad and generous gesture. In addition, the mechanism of case lipstick Rouge Hermès provides the possibility of replacing the rod.

Кисть для нанесения помады с деревянной ручкой, покрытой лаком вручную, окольцованная белым, оранжевым и черным, выполнена в мастерской, которая существует с 1793 года; Универсальный карандаш для губ из смеси прозрачных полимерных восков для создания бесцветной линии для четкости контура

Brush for applying lipstick with a wooden handle, varnished by hand, ringed with white, orange and black, made in the workshop, which has existed since 1793; Universal lip liner of a mixture of transparent polymer waxes to create a colorless line definition for contour