7 perfume compositions, the title of which includes the word “Love”

Spring holidays, traditionally celebrated in Russia on 14 February, 23 February and 8 March, held under the bright banner of love, passion and happiness. But, despite everywhere declared gender equality, strong half have to do half lovely twice as many gifts (simple arithmetic proof). The feminist part of the society could Express their boycott of this practice, but the editors Love2Beauty.ru already trembles in anticipation of the mountain right gifts and as to imply, publishes a review of seven of the girl’s perfume, the title of which includes the word “Love.” If you love me, then prove it!

7 парфюмерных композиций, в названии которых присутствует слово «Любовь»

No. 1

Victoria’s Secret, First Love

Victoria's Secret, First Love

Violet leaves — Lily of the valley — Musk

Unfortunately, Victoria’s Secret is not the best of times, but the perfume Department of a brand like experiencing the magic of reincarnation, releasing new items that have a truly alluring effect. Perfume secret Victoria sample 2020, published under the laconic title First Love, inspired by the freshness, spring flowers and white musk.

Perfume synopsis:
“No one will take the first step, because everyone thinks it’s not mutual”

No. 2

Giorgio Armani, In Love With You Freeze

Giorgio Armani, In Love With You Freeze

Bergamot — cherry — Pear — Mandarin — Jasmine Sambac — Peony — Lily of the valley — Guatemalan patchouli — Vetiver — White musk Cedar

Ice berries, bitter patchouli, freshness of flowers, the detachment of vetiver and enveloping white musk. New Giorgio Armani woven of contradictions, at the same time extremely attractive.

Perfume synopsis:
“Her kiss was colder than ice, Kai thought a little more and he will die… But only for a moment, and then, on the contrary, he felt so good that he even ceased to feel cold”

No. 3

Oriflame, Eclat Amour

Oriflame, Eclat Amour

Violet — Iris — Sandalwood

Maiden component of the perfume Eclat Duo Amour (for her) and Eclat Toujours (for him) from the Swedish brand Oriflame unlike his men is worthy of special attention. Budget — so — simple? No. Eclat Amour — like a kiss of spring in Paris, which cannot fail to be beautiful.

Perfume synopsis:
“Remember one thing, boy: never, never and never again you will not appear ridiculous in the eyes of women, if you do something for her”

No. 4

Gucci Guilty Love Edition Pour Femme

Gucci, Guilty Love Edition Pour Femme

Bergamot — Grapefruit — Ocean notes — Narcissus — Raspberry — Violet — Jasmine Sambac — Musk — Patchouli — Amber

A chypre with Oriental and fruity facets will appeal to fans of the modern interpretation of vintage perfumes. Green bergamot and grapefruit, raspberries and Narcissus like lovers, which merged in the arms, but were caught by the ocean breeze.

Perfume synopsis:
“You can seduce a man who has a wife, you can seduce a man who has a mistress, but you cannot seduce a man who has a beloved woman”

No. 5

Initio Parfums Prives, Psychedelic Love

Initio Parfums Prives, Psychedelic Love

Rose — Gedion — Heliotropine

Laconic song “Psychedelic Love” with the effect of a bomb double action causes an immediate, addictive and selfish pleasure, even before the application and shamelessly reaches the goal, forever captured his senses.

Perfume synopsis:
“To win a man, woman, enough to awaken the evil that it is,”

No. 6

Ex Nihilo, Love Shot

Ex Nihilo, Love Shot

Italian bergamot — wild Rose — Peony — Jasmine — Patchouli — Raspberry — Haitian vetiver — Suede — Madagascan vanilla — Musk

Your date in the lobby of the most luxurious hotel of Paris, but at that moment It appears. Love Shot — like a frozen perfect moment in the blurred picture that precedes spasm of the vocal apparatus…

Perfume synopsis:
“Women are not looking for handsome men. Women looking for men with beautiful women”

No. 7

Amouage, Love Mmoa

Amouage, Love Mimosа

Violet leaves — Escalon — iris — Mimosa — Pear — Gedion — Ylang-ylang — the Half — Heliotrope

The song “Love MMA” from the collection “The Secret Garden” opens with aquatic notes of Cascalone molecule and slightly frozen at the March frost branch of Mimosa. Iris, heliotrope, ylang-ylang and a pinch of pink salt give its owner a delicate sensuality and obvious personality.

Perfume synopsis:
“While you wait a meeting, find one who is going to propose to her. And as if she neither liked, she choose the reality”