A fan found the ring of Sludge from the BTS after the concert

One of the German fans BTS is now perhaps the happiest of the huge army of ARMY. After the girl accidentally found the ring of Sludge after the concert.

It happened at a concert in Berlin. Girl during the show was in the VIP show, next on stage came off Suga, who accidentally fell from the hands of a bottle of water, and with it a ring with the letter “a”.

Initially, she wanted to raise the bottle and take home as a souvenir (still drank from it himself, Sludge), but got distracted by Jungkook, who began to light the edge of the stage.

“I was distracted, and accidentally stepped on something hard, thought it was a bottle cap, I’m not paying attention he put in his pocket. What was my surprise when after the show I found in my pocket a ring of Sludge. I’m a little crazy not come down from happiness” — said fan.

By the way, the Sludge, the loss was noticed! And even announced it after the song. Moreover, the employees of the concert hall also continued to look for decoration, but as it turned out, the ring was already in his pocket:

The girl promised to return the ring at the first meeting with the idol.

“Sugar, when I see you, I’ll give you a ring, thank you, I’m so happy” asked the fan via Twitter. That’s lucky!