Actress Sarah Jessica Parker will be the jeweler designer

American actress Sarah Jessica Parker has become a jewelry designer . Also, she was invited to become the face of the famous British jewelry brand Kat Florence.

According to the founder of the company itself jeweler Ket Florence, Sarah Jessica Parker was supposed to be just a face of the brand, but later they realized that the actress is quite able to be a great business partner. Jewelers use only a D-class diamonds, as they are considered the most transparent and the most valuable. The cost of these jewelry pieces starts from 1600 USD.

Parker has been actively working in the fashion industry for several years: she was the designer of her own clothing line, the creative director of the brand Halston, and in 2015 represented a line of wedding shoes, which also includes blue shoes in which her character from "Sex and the City" married.

Earlier this month, she showed the 1st model of the new collection of dresses Title, which is already represented in the Bloomingdale's store at the price of 395 dollars. Black dress with a multilayer skirt strongly reminds one of the outfits in which Parker has appeared in "Sex and the City."