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Ani Lorak showed off her daughter's baby jewelry


Popular singer Ani Lorak presented her daughter with jewelry gift.

Ani Lorak

Ani Lorak has decided to present her five year old daughter Sophia with gift. The singer shared a photo of her daughter's hand decorated with a nice little bracelet. According to Lorak, she previously bought the same decoration for herself, and when the daughter saw it, she really liked it.


"Daughter loved my bracelet, so I decided to give her the same as a present for March 8. Sofia talked about each symbol: star, that lights the way, is mum,  the girl -  is Sonia, the heart that warms and protects love, is Dad, "- Ani wrote.

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak has repeatedly said in interviews that the main value in life for her - the family, husband Murat and daughter Sofia. Now the singer has confirmed her words, sharing photo on her "Instagram".  

According to Ani Lorak, a silver figure of a girl on a thin chain bracelet - her favorite decoration.

"To be honest, I am cool with decorations, but this little bracelet with a picture of the girl became my favorite! It's great that the most important date for every mother - the day of the birth of her baby can be written on the reverse sideLife - is a joy every day! - explained the singer . 

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