Ball of AXENOFF jewellery House in Moscow

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The guest of the evening a press-service
The guest of the evening a press-service

In a historic mansion Spiridonov ball was held on the occasion of the release of the new collection of jewelry House AXENOFF Doctor Zhivago.

Creating a new collection, Peter Feldman was inspired not only by Pasternak’s novel, the movie 1965 Hollywood Director David lean and difficult fates of their heroes, but also one of the leading images of the movie “Doctor Zhivago” — the image of the Russian winter. It is that time of the year was the main theme jewelry collection and also ball dedicated to her. Invited guests are not told where it will pass the ball. Event dress code was strict: the style of 20-30 years, red, black or white color, fur and, of course, AXENOFF jewelry. By the way, specially for the ball Doctor Zhivago fur company Marusya Furs together with Peter Aksenov has created an exclusive collection of fur products, which was presented at the event.

Snezhana Georgieva daughter
Ksenia Sukhinova

The ball was held in the style of immersive performance. Guests coming for the evening, first got into a real military hospital. In this room they were offered an unusual treat — cocktails in beakers, like a drug. Further, from the terrible atmosphere of war and disease you got a completely different reality — a dazzling white room with a huge ice sparkling Christmas tree, decorated with exclusive toys. All this magic was created by designer Julia Shakirova.

Yulia Shakirova

In the midst of universal joy suddenly extinguished the light and in the beam of light appeared four nurses, who began to sing. Then came the host of the evening Peter Feldman, who shot this revolver has announced the beginning of a new stage of the event. Guests were offered a variety of treats.

Petr Aksenov

Balls of AXENOFF jewellery house known for their originality and are imbued with love for the country and its history. The General partner of the evening was a financial company BCS Ultima Private Banking, specializing in servicing wealthy clients. Among the guests of the ball was Marina Aleksandrova, Ksenia Sukhinova, Victoria Shelegova, Polina Askeri, Constantine Andrikopulos, Victoria and Anton Borisevich, Alena Akhmadullina and others.

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