Celeb jewelry: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Natalia Vodianova, Bella Hadid, Anastasia Reshetova and others

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If fashion puzzle does not fit, check, did you remember to add accessories. Any image in the blink of an eye can be transformed with decorations, which is neglected we do not recommend. The most urgent of them — from jewelry to works of high jewellery art that is regularly used by the stars in their look Ah. The best we have assembled in our material, after examining the Instagram accounts of fashion girls.

The avalanche of popularity in this season covered with sea-inspired pearl jewelry and shells. And this is probably the most summer of all the accessory trends that are easy to find and use on vacation and in town. Most beach option — a necklace made of shells — your swimsuit will make an excellent pair, proves Natalia Bardo by example. But the freshwater pearl earrings will blend with literally any look. Wear them with a “holiday” dress, with a strong suit, with evening attire or Bohemian outfit, as does Karina Nigay.

Karina Nigay
Natalia Bardo

To dispense jewelry at responsible evening or date does not work, so choose suitable accessories to the outfit — it is mandatory. A luxurious combination of a bracelet and earrings shows Natalia Vodianova. These pieces of jewellery owned by Chopard is brand, whose decorations are more like Museum exhibits.

Natalia Vodianova
Anastasia Reshetova

Even as accents in a formal manner, shows Anastasia Reshetova. Dress in sequin girl added a neat barrette. This accessory from my childhood spring and summer turned out to be the center of attention all fashionistas. So while he’s still standing in a fashionable top, I advise you not to miss the moment and to actively use it in their images.

Billy Iles Instagram

To wear the best right — not a sign of bad taste and the latest fashion solution, which adheres to the singer Billy Iles. Now to overdo it with the accessories you are not in danger. The easiest way to combine jewelry is to wear several chains at the same time.

To see what other ornaments are stars, flipping photo gallery!