Family crystal collection Dzhanelli Jewellery

The main source of inspiration – the star at the bottom of a crystal goblet. Family crystal in Dzhanelli Jewellery collection. 

Christmas and New Year – the most sparkling HOLIDAYS. Have you ever admired of the beautifully decorated table? A brief moment of the pre-beauty: the empty, clean and sparkling dishes. Salad bowl has not touched by Olivier, and they shine brighter than anyone, competing with Grandma Czech chandelier. The Dzhanelli Jewellery has dedicated her new "Family crystal" collection to sweet memories and magic.


Family crystal collection Dzhanelli Jewellery

Some earrings and rings decorated with rock crystal fantasy, art cut, imitating patterns in the festive dishes. The Christmas spirit is embodied in rock crystal and white sapphire jewelry decorated with small pearls and colored diamonds cognac and champagne shades. Grandma Czech chandelier is not forgotten: it is reflected in earrings-chandeliers made of the finest chains and stones.

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