Hemsworth apologized to Miley Cyrus for the tasteless ring

Recently, Cyrus celebrated the 24th birthday. 26-year-old Liam Hemsworth ( "The Hunger Games") was the first, who congratulated his girlfriend. The actor posted a message on the "Instagram":

– Joyful birthday to my main little angel!

The girl got a funny gift box with an extravagant ring. Liam managed to make amends. On the day he gave Miley engagement ring with a diamond of 3.5 carats from jeweler Nick Lane, which she absolutely did not like. It looked boring.

This diamond ring disappointed Miley 

– It's not aesthetically pleasing – he heard from Miley.

Now Liam managed to please the pickiest girl.

– Best Birthday !!!! Thank you my love! 

Cyrus did not control emotions.

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