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Spring is the best time for confession in the most romantic feelings. In honor of the magic words, it is customary to give gifts, and if they in later years will remind about that special spring — what could be better?

Jewelry review Love2Beauty — precious heart for the happy moments coming spring.


French jewelry house Messika called his new collection Cœur Joy — Exultant heart filled with happiness and love.

Messika Колье, моносерьга, кольцо, моносерьга из коллекции Joy cœur от Messika

Necklace, monocera, ring, monocera from the collection of Joy cœur from Messika

Кольцо Toi&Moi от Messika: бриллиант в огранке сердце «fancy pink» 7,06 карат VVS1, бриллиант в огранке сердце «natural fancy light yellow» 3,46 карат VVS1

Toi&Moi ring from Messika: diamond cut heart “fancy pink” of 7.06 carats VVS1, diamond in heart cut “natural fancy light yellow” to 3.46 carat VVS1


Valentine’s day gives the watch and jewelry House Chopard special opportunity to show your creativity to the most romantic confessions. Lovers ‘ holiday is another opportunity to demonstrate the sincerity of their feelings to the wife, the bride, the woman he loves.

Колье из коллекции Happy Diamonds Icons от Chopard

Necklace from the Happy Diamonds Icons collection by Chopard

Watch Happy Hearts free flying decorative elements in the form of hearts. The charming mother-of-pearl dial is circling in the dance of the moving diamonds and moving two hearts: one in 18-carat pink gold and mother-of-pearl, the second in 18K white gold with diamonds.

Часы Happy Hearts от Chopard

Happy Hearts watch from Chopard


Серьги, кольцо, кулон, кольцо из коллекции Classic от Mercury

Earrings, ring, pendant, ring from Classic collection Mercury

Кольцо из коллекции Color от Mercury

Ring from the collection of the Color from the Mercury

An expressive ring with a Central sapphire in the cut “heart” from jewelry brand Mercury in a few decades will turn into an heirloom jewelry brand uses in their products stones of the highest quality.