Jennifer Lawrence started wearing the ring on the ring finger


The famous actress Jennifer Lawrence appeared at the premiere of the "Passengers", where she showed the promise ring on her left ring finger. Many believe that it is a gift in honor of her engagement.

The novel of Jennifer Lawrence and director Darren Aronofsky became known since October. Despite this, the pair has not particularly talked about wedding plans. More Great interest was the recent premiere of the movie "Passengers", where Lawrence played a major role. Actor Chris Pratt, who worked with her, also represented the film to the public. However, his role and even more so the appearance did not attract the attention of journalists. Many fashion commentators have not left aside the dress of Lawrence, in which she appeared at the premiere, but foreign photographers and the media have not missed the ring on the left ring finger, which the actress wore. There were rumors about the engagement with Aronofsky, but so far there is no evidence for this. Jennifer Lawrence did not in any way comment on the marriage.

It is noteworthy that Jennifer Lawrence has not worn a ring on the ring finger before. Many point to the membership of this attribute, which is not just another decoration, but a present from her beloved. All fans can only wait for the official statement.