Lucky gemstones for specific zodiac signs


The coming year of Fire Rooster prepares us a lot of surprises. To make friends with a cock, trust the changes in your life. Work and creativity will help to realize the potential of your lessons and will give an unprecedented success that will benefit the finances. Rooster is bright and charismatic bird, so we should think about our image. Be charming, eye-catching, and then the fateful meeting is inevitable.

Horoscope stones for 2017

As for the mascots of 2017, the greatest force will have, of course, gold. Fiery metal endow its owner the energy needed for the important achievements. But if gold jewelry is complemented by red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white stones, the effect will be particularly strong. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the pearl and nacre, which combine all shades overflow immediately. Another versatile tool to attract good luck in this year will be a brilliant combination of gold and ceramics. Pick your mascot along with SOKOLOV Jewellery.

Aries Stone

As host of the year, Aries refers to signs the fire element, and thus provided him the favor of the Rooster. Even more self-confidence and a true instinct for decisive action at the right time will give gold jewelery with rubies. Aries Stone Suspension of gold, pendant made of gold with ceramics

Stone Taurus

It is very important to find a balance between love and duty, as well as to clarify for themselves and others the most complicated situation. And Fire Rooster promises to help. Wear close your elements and patron, the emerald, and then everything goes like clockwork. Stone Taurus Gold ring, pendant made of gold with ceramics

Stone Twins

Multifaceted and charming twins will gain in 2017 the sea of ​​interesting possibilities. Feel free to go towards new knowledge and unique experience. Especially appreciate the business sphere. Job and business will go uphill, if you show all your curiosity. Do not miss a minute! Save crystal may intuition and sharpness of mind will help the coveted decoration with inserts made of rock crystal. Stone Twins Silver earrings with rock cut glass, suspension of gold with ceramics

Stone Cancer

The coming year prepared for Cancers proactive career development and increased self-development. The key to success – hard work and insatiable search for allies. Pay attention to those people to whom you can entrust part of your difficult work, as well as those who can open your heart. Harmonious energy present moonstone and pearl jewelry. By the way, a great idea – jewelry watches from the collection of Enigma or incredibly stylish chronographs Feel free. They will be the best mascot and will help accurately track the passage of time.

Female silver watch Feel free, suspension of gold with ceramics

Stone Lion

Temperamental Lions just love to be in the spotlight and to endow all its warmth. Therefore Rooster will have them a special honor. For whatever came from the Lions in 2017, it will be incredibly carry. Enjoy the gifts of fate, you deserve it. And would not deny yourself the luxury. Diamonds – exactly what you need.

Gold diamond earrings, pendant made of gold with ceramics

Stone Maiden

Changes! Maiden decided to abruptly turn her established life, and believe me, she does not regret. Rejoice new opportunities and far-reaching prospects. And yet do not forget to put on ornaments of gold with topaz, and then be able to see all the colors on the Fiery Rooster feathers.

Stone Libra

In 2017, Libra will make a lot of decisive action. Not for a second do not stop on the way to his goal. Right now, a lot of questions will be solved, realized, and you will feel all the charm of well-deserved recognition and encouragement. And so this year has been more fruitful, give preference to pearls.

Brooch of gold with a mix of stones, the suspension of the gold with ceramics

Stone Scorpion

The coming year for the Scorpions will be filled with new knowledge. Travel, study languages, develop additional hobby or even profession. All that you can gain in 2017, be sure to come in handy in the future and will make your life more joyful and interesting. And to knowledge is easier to digest, Fire Rooster often recommended to wear jewelry with coral.

Gold ring with coral, gold pendant with ceramics


This year, you will be lucky in business sphere. On the wings of the Rooster will bring you success in career and business, as well as very necessary and useful contacts. Be courage and perseverance and, of course, steadily believe in yourself, then you can open any door. Amethyst – your faithful assistant and mascot for the next 12 monthes.

Silver with a mix of stones, the suspension of the gold ceramics


Carefully thought-out strategy – the key to success. But do not forget about a big responsibility and a lot of cases around you. The Fire Rooster will help achieve harmony and understanding, and more – gold jewelry with granat.

Gold ring with garnets, gold pendant with ceramics

Aquarius Stone

Dreams fascinate representatives of this sign of the Rooster, so he will do everything to ensure that they are implemented. On this occasion, Aquarius should pay attention to jewelry with opal. This sparkling shimmering stone perfectly matches.

Gold ring with a mix of stones, gold pendant 


Pisces in 2017 should strictly adhere to their own intuition. In everything. Know that it will not fail. Sapphire has long been considered a stone, guarding fate. So wear it as often as possible, and all your decisions will be right.

Earrings of gold gold pendant with ceramics