Celebrate moments of love, romance and happiness with a new collection of PANDORA jewelry. They are made of precious metals and glittering stones. Express your love and tenderness using luxurious materials, fashionable items and pink shades.

In Pandora Valentine's collection, it is all about red and its shades. Here you will find the most charming little trinkets – from the bracelet with a serpentine weave and round lock to the bracelet with a sparkling bow and the new petites decoration in medallions. Medallion has two dimensions to the neck and a small amount in the form of pendants on the bracelet. Medallions opened and the internal components can be changed in them.

As you can see, in this collection there are charms with pink hues and intense cherry color. There will be pave clip in the form of heart with a gentle pink stones, as well as the beautiful Murano with zirconia stones in the form of hearts. In Pandora Disney collections will also be released two charm to mark Valentine's Day in 2017.

Two charms with a classic Mickey Mouse silhouette will be sold only in the United States and Canada.

Two rings with the "heart" motifs, stud earrings and a necklace with a heart pave will also be released. For those who like the Birthstone, the same pusets and charms will be released. Birthstone – thematic release of personal gems when a certain stone fits your month of birth.

The history of the brand began with the fact that in 1982 Enevoldsen's wife opened a small jewelry shop in Copenhagen. After ten years he became a jeweler of Pandora House, which is known worldwide for its bracelets with removable charms.

Pandora designers try to make each new collection of jewelry matched the season: winter – stars and ice flowers, in late autumn – mysterious plants. And they are sure that every girl can choose a gift to her taste.