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Ralph Lauren introduces the Chunky Chain fine jewellery collection

Chunky is the new fine jewellery silhouette to rock, according to Ralph Lauren

Deviate from the norm when you slip on one of 18 additions to Ralph Lauren's new Chunky Chain collection that takes fine jewellery out of its comfort zone. Designed with daring proportions that melds the brand's signature timelessness with an urbane romanticism, each exceptionally crafted piece is a combination of grit and glam that ups the style stakes like no other.

Ralph Lauren Chunky Chain fine jewellery collection Wrought in silver and rose gold metal, the lineup includes a new bold cuff and single-chain bangles — an absolute stunner when worn stacked with the collection's customisable ID wrap bracelets. Also paired with these pieces are 3-chain necklaces that drape over the collar in a voluminous coil formed via countless interlaced links, complemented by hoop earrings and a ring to round up this show-stealing parure.

Ralph Lauren Chunky Chain fine jewellery collection Chunky Chain earrings And the must-have that instantly made it onto our wishlist? The gorgeous 4-chain Chunky bracelet that we can totally see wrapping sinuously around the wrist, catching and reflecting the sun — as well as envious stares — when you oh-so-casually lift a hand to check your phone. At once audacious yet classy, the Ralph Lauren Chunky Chain collection is the modern classic that'll give your jewellery game that sought-after gravitas. Chunky Chain 3-chain necklace in 18K rose gold 01 . 14 Chunky Chain 3-chain necklace in 18K rose gold


The Chunky Chain collection is available at Ralph Lauren boutiques. 

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