Rodery jewellery collection

Brand designers claim that a diamond halo around gem is the same Tutu 

Colored gems of higher performance are good themselves. Decent combination of color and purity, combined with the correct facet – and that’s the most beautiful and dense piece of art. Gem is surrounded by the pure water diamonds, the play of light is complicated – the stone begins to glow from within. This winter, Rodery designers remembered the good American term to describe a complex frame: “ballerina cluster”, comparing a diamond halo around the center stone with a ballet tutu.

The collection includes a dozen jewelry with large investment – ruby stones, sapphires and emeralds – in the style of dolce vita. A tribute to the American tradition was a pair of rings with pale cornflower blue sapphires.

This collcetion is presented by Natalia KLISHINA – ballerina of Musical Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko.