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The exhibits TAG Heuer’s La Chaux-de-Fonds began to see not so simple. Store access is only possible by appointment. To enable the brand’s fans clearly acquainted with its history, from February 2018 to January 2019 objects belonging to museums and private collectors, went on a world tour. Taking the start in Miami, up to the end of the year the exhibits will visit 70 cities (parallel with the exhibition go to the 6-7 points). The exhibition in the Moscow boutique the hour dedicated to the legendary Carrera. This year’s main collection celebrates the anniversary of 55 years. To this day it is constantly updated: there are watches automatic, there are new configuration in a landmark case. Exhibition in Moscow, clearly and in detail tells how watchmakers have reached today’s modern models Carrera. And, as it turned out, to reveal the essence of a collection, you need to take into account all the accompanying historical context.

The concept of the exhibition is built around gold Carrera Pilot Watch. In the early 1970s, Jack Heuer presented them sponsored by the brand drivers. And was able to involve the best for its time racing company.

In the 70s a sponsor and official partner watchmakers were Ferrari, their pilots then steadily rose on a pedestal. Then there was 30 years with McLaren. And now TAG Heuer partners with the current Champions Aston Martin Racing, whose riders once again took the whole podium in Tokyo. The brand also brought a watch Monaco Blue – the same character of Steve McQueen wore in “Le Mans”. These two models – the key to the racing roots of the TAG Heuer.


Stopwatches and timers presented in the exhibition, was the core business of the brand in the late 1960-ies. They demonstrate true technical capabilities of the TAG Heuer workshop, the ability to invent tools to measure time and to design a watch with a utilitarian and aesthetic points of view. Katherine Eberle-Devo responsible for the historical heritage of rolex, with heat talks about the stopwatch Ringmaster: “He, that is to say, 7 in one. Very beautiful and with a black dial, around which there is a colored ring with divisions (included several). Each color is designed to the discipline of Boxing, racing and so on. You can Unscrew the glass and change the dimension to another. The last ring is a white mark on it you can put yourself, and it will be your own scale”.


Important exhibit – the micrograph. In 1916 he became the first device with an accuracy of 1/100 seconds, which was a huge breakthrough in watchmaking. Apparently, that was when Rado was born of competition, “racing” spirit.

Photo: archives of press services

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