The first in the history of the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills mascara Lash Volumizing Mascara Brag

The famous brand products for the care and makeup brows Anastasia Beverly Hills is the first-ever mascara Lash Volumizing Brag.

Mascara Lash Volumizing Brag ABH is able to give volume and length to lashes. Applied in one layer it provides the most natural and well-groomed appearance, applied in several layers will create the effect of false eyelashes.

Composed of a creamy waterproof formula mascara is a new Volumizing Lash ABH Brag elastic polymers that enables each successive layer without the formation of lumps and adhesion of the eyelashes. Brush of the new mascara is made in the shape of an hourglass, which allows you to make the most hard-to-reach lash extra volume and length. ABH Lash Volumizing Brag already appeared on the official website of the brand for $ 25 in full-size format, the travel version will cost $ 13.