“The groom saved”: Fans of Jennifer Lawrence disappointed by “modest” an engagement ring

Last week, fans of Jennifer Lawrence learned that the actress got engaged with her lover cook Maroni. Against the background of discussions about the engagement, the network got the photo from a Dating couple in January of this year, which on the ring finger of the actress flashed a large gem set in gold. No sooner had the fans to rejoice in Lawrence as there are new pictures with another ring of stars, which is much more modest sizes.

Last week paparazzi caught Jennifer cook and on the exit of the restaurant, and the camera got another ring on the ring finger of the actress. On the rim instead of a large diamond could see a small, barely noticeable stone. As news from the life of Lawrence lately a little, and the official reviews from the star can not be expected, fans got to build a fan theory around the ring. According to one of them, Jennifer just turned it into stone inside, to later as it should be considered beautiful and an engagement ring on the red carpet of the award “Oscar”.

It is possible that this ring is not ‘the one’. Many stars showed their impressive diamonds at social events and red carpet awards. Who knows, maybe this year, Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars that will be remembered not falls, as beautiful an engagement ring. To know this will be in two weeks, on February 24.