The iconic fragrance of the 90s Pasha de Cartier in February 2020 will appear in the Parfum version

Pasha de Cartier iconic fragrance of the 90s, in February 2020 will appear in the Parfum version. The classic sound of the legendary composition has changed, becoming more modern. House Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent to create a Parfum Pasha, chose for her the finest ingredients from around the world. Amber accord in Pasha Parfum sounds like never modern, ambrocenide with its distinctive gudanova tint adds that extra ‘slickness’ to the classic chords of the song. Sandalwood and essence of Indonesian patchouli stretch successive thread to the original Pasha Eau De Toilette. The final chord Pasha Parfum — fir balsam and a small drop of liqueur.

Знаковый аромат 90-х Pasha de Cartier в феврале 2020 предстанет в версии Parfum

Bottle Parfum Pasha has kept the best from its predecessor, expressing the quintessence of the symbols of the House of Cartier with its exclusive technique of guilloché on glass and metal. Crowning the bottle dome with blue cabochon-hour recalls Pasha, and its base echoes the lines of the famous Trinity ring.