Polina Askeri-Belotserkovsky invited guests in the Askeri Gallery for the opening of the exhibition “Happy Family” by the American artist Peter Opheim. The exposition on the themes of family and family ties that are revealed through relationships funny fictional characters.

Polina Askeri-Belotserkovsky: “Peter Opheim makes your heroes truly free. Giving them some human characteristics, he leaves them to live an independent life and allows you to show character. A new exhibition “Happy Family” brings the interaction between these characters to the fore, adding emotions and feelings to kinship ties. It brings the works to the understanding of the viewer, affects the personal. I’m glad that my gallery has been home to this unusual, creative family.”

Help Love2Beauty.ru Peter Opheim is currently working in new York. His career Opheim started as an abstractionist, but by doing the search for style has moved away from this direction. He wanted to create something more unique, unusual and provocative — and so was born a series of works depicting the incredible, like plasticine, figures. In his works Opheim creates a new fantasy world, populated by characters who never existed in reality. However, his paintings have a real referent: plasticine figures, sculpted by the artist, with which he writes, whether portraits, or still lifes. Clay, colored funny animals irregular shape — all the attributes of the world of childhood, which is subjected to reflection by the artist. In deformed body parts in unnatural colors rooted childhood fears, like in fairy tales with the innocence of the story hides an archetypal fear.

First saw fantastic creatures Peter Opheim: Ksenia Chilingarov, Boris Belotserkovsky, angelina Askeri, Anastasia Ragozina, Ilona Stolie, Irina Tchaikovskaya, Yan Yanovsky, Bozhena Rynska, Maria Lobanova, Vadim and Yana Raskovalova, Yevgeniya Milova, Melania Kondrahin, Constantine Andrikopulos, Thank g, Alena Kochetkova, Antonina Klimenko and other fans of contemporary art.