Wedding Jewelry by Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump – a famous person and a billionaire who has a wonderful daughter Ivanka Trump. Typically, more than usual, that the children of billionaires waste their lives and in most cases this is true, but not in this case. Ivanka Trump is working in his father’s company, preferring to make money, rather than depend on it. The daughter of billionaire engaged in production of jewelry, which are popular among high society.

Billionaire’s heiress has decided not keep up with the general trend of protecting the environment and released a collection of eco-friendly bridal jewelry with minimal damage to the nature. Jewellery made of gold and platinum and covered with diamonds from Canada, known for its quality. It should be noted that reputable company Waldman Diamond Company was involved in the development of the wedding collection.

Before release of the collection Ivanka Trump carefully studied diamond machining processes. As a result the quality of products turned out excellent. Luxury stones combined with platinum luster, highlighting the status and solvency of their owner. The price of fine jewelry varies from seven to one hundred and thirty thousand dollars.

Ivanka Trump was flawless on her wedding day – she wore elegant dress by Vera Wang worth about 100 thousand dollars, jewelry from her own jewelry line Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry: jewelry for veils (platinum and diamonds, 45 thousand dollars).

a platinum bracelet with diamonds (90 thousand dollars)

diamond earrings (130 thousand dollars).