Wedding jewelry like in the movies


Arranging a wedding, like in the "Bride Wars" movie, we deny ourselves nothing, but carefully consider all the details. Book the best room and send the original invitation to guests. Make a dress of your dreams, sign of an experienced stylist and generally immerse yourself in an organization with a head, though it is troublesome, but very interesting and enjoyable.

Marriage, like Emma – a time-tested classics that is consistent with the tradition. So, it will be perfect.

"The Time Traveler's Wife" style wedding

A quiet wedding in the circle of family and closest friends. Country house away from the hustle and bustle outside. This is not only a modern trend, but also a plot close to the action of one of the most mysterious and romantic movies.

The image of the bride in the style of Claire Ebshir – a classic dress with corset and fluffy skirt ivory color. Open shoulders, long earrings and a veil from the waist down. Restrained hairstyle with curls, pick up a hairpin, it will look great, even if you want to remove the veil.

Long silver earrings with cubic zirconia Classic and at the same time quite free surroundings can be created using these atmospheric components as black groom tuxedo, bow tie, soft white roses in a bouquet of the bride and groom's boutonniere, natural shades of bridesmaid's dresses, garlands and small live orchestra.

"Twilight" saga style wedding

The dream wedding of millions of fans of the "Twilight" saga – a rustic ceremony in the woods. And it can be done easily, if move the celebration in some eco-hotel, surrounded by pine trees, wooden houses and a serene atmosphere. Wooden furniture, natural decorations, garland and lights on the tables – a perfect design space. open-air wedding, filled with air and open space – that can be more inspiring!

Engagament gold ring with diamonds Of course, the wedding, like Bella and Edward can not do without the corresponding images of the bride and groom. Choose a long white dress with closed hands and supplement it with a veil, a fixed comb. A groom must necessarily be in a black frock coat. 

"Star Wars" style wedding

Fantastic images of weddings today is not less relevant. But they can look very gentle and romantic, without interrupting the overall atmosphere of the celebration. Wedding in the "Star Wars" style can be very beautiful and stylish.

Arrange a banquet hall in the dark muted colors and decorate it with small lights. The groom and the entire male half of the invitees can choose suits brown shades. Girls can wear pastel-colored dressess lightly decorated with rhinestones, sequins, glitter. 

The image of the bride at a wedding deserves special attention. To sustain the style of Padmé Amidala, you'll need a long lace dress, or a similar model with a large embroidery. Main feature of the bride image of "Star Wars" – an unusual veil. It can be made of the same fabric as the dress, and can continue to embroidery pattern dress. And, of course, pick up the jewelry that will be too delicate.