New collections of jewelry brands will easily fill the winter deficit of bright colors – they turned out colorful, like the nature of the tropics.

Italians know a lot about beautiful life, and in its simple joys. Jewelers of the Roman House conceived to convey the love of their compatriots in the collection of Festa. It contains all the symbols of the country – from olive branches to horse racing in Siena.

  • Secret Serpenti watches, pink gold, diamonds, tanzanites, tourmaline, rubellite, purple garnet, emeralds.
  • Necklace Secret Mirror, platinum, sapphires, emerald, ruby, rhinestone, diamonds.
  • Ring Torta al Cioccolato, pink gold, corals, chalcedony, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds.
  • Olive necklace, white gold, peridots, amethysts, tourmaline, diamonds.
  • Lucea watches, white gold, emeralds, diamonds.
  • Bracelet Il Palio di Siena, white gold, malachite, tiger's eye, corals, onyx, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, turquoise, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, diamonds.
  • Bracelet Api Reali, pink gold, sapphires, diamonds.


    One decoration is good, but it's much better when there are two, three or five at a time. Not only that the collection of Résonances de Cartier includes dozens of precious products, many of them also transformers, which can be worn in many ways.

  • Watch Serpent Graphique Doré, yellow and white gold, garnets, spessartines, diamonds, black lacquer.
  • Earrings, platinum, rubies, emeralds, onyx, diamonds.
  • Ring, platinum, Zambian emerald, onyx, diamonds.
  • Necklace-transformer, platinum, carved sugilite, carved sapphires, garnet-spessartiny, amethysts and lunar quartz, sugilite, diamonds. Removable flowers can be worn as a brooch.
  • Transformer earrings – they turn into a necklace, tiara, hairpin or brooch, white gold, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, diamonds.
  • Necklace Panthère de Cartier, platinum, rubies, quartz, rhinestone, onyx, black lacquer, diamonds.


    Vendome Square in Paris was built in the late XVII century by the court architect Jules Arduin-Mansar. It was he who gave it the shape of an octagon, which in time became one of the symbols of Chanel. Now this recognizable figure is played in the Gallery Collection collection.

  • Ring My Red Ring, yellow gold, diamonds, red ceramics HyCeram.
  • Bracelet My Chain Bracelet, yellow gold, smoky rutile quartz and diamonds.
  • Necklace My Green Necklace, yellow gold, tourmaline, malachite and diamonds.
  • Necklace My Green Necklace, yellow gold, tourmaline, malachite and diamonds.
  • Ring My Golden Link Ring, yellow gold and diamonds.
  • Earrings My Chain Earrings, yellow gold, smoky rutile quartz and diamonds.
  • Ring My Golden Link Ring, yellow gold and diamonds.


    The park of Versailles, created in the 1660s, occupies nine hundred hectares, but the jewelry art director of Dior, Victoire de Castellan, could fit it in the casket. The new collection of Dior à Versailles, Côté Jardins is entirely dedicated to the creation of the landscape architect Andre Lenotra.

  • Earrings Bosquet de la Reine Tourmaline Paraiba, white, yellow and pink gold, diamonds, tourmaline paraibas, emeralds, pink sapphires and lacquer.
  • Two-finger ring Guirlande de Fleurs Saphir Double, white, yellow and pink gold, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, tsavorite, peridot, pink tourmaline, pink, yellow and purple sapphires, demantoids, spessartines, yellow diamonds, alexandrite, chrysoprase.
  • Brooch Bosquet de l'Encelade Saphir of white, pink and yellow gold, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, tsavoritov, peridot, pink tourmaline, lilac, yellow and pink sapphires, demantoids, spessartins, yellow diamonds, alexandrite and chrysoprase.
  • Quartz watch Clairière Diamant High Jewelery Timepiece in white gold, diamonds, emeralds, tsavoritov, demantoid, spessartinov, sapphires, pink sapphires and rubellite.
  • Necklace Plaisir Champêtre Saphir, white, yellow and pink gold, diamonds, tsavorite, emeralds, sapphires, yellow diamonds, spessartines, pink, purple and yellow sapphires, turquoise.
  • Earrings Bosquet des Dômes Saphir, yellow gold, diamonds, sapphires, pink sapphires, tsavorite, emeralds, yellow diamonds, pink opal and ruby.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Do you remember the old children's program "Visiting a Tale"? The children grew up, and the aunt Valya was replaced by the jewelers who created the Le Secret collection, in which all sorts of legends, myths and other sorceries are played.

  • Brooch Secret des Amoureux Clip, white, pink and yellow gold, diamonds, colored sapphires, pear-shaped lilac and orange-red sapphires and rubellite in the form of heart.
  • Brooch-transformer Métamorphose du Cygne Clip, yellow and pink gold, colored sapphires, spessartines, black spinel, onyx, diamonds.
  • Ring-transformer Séraphîta Ring, pink and white gold, diamonds, sapphires, large removable sapphire diamond cut.
  • Pégase necklace-necklace, white gold, diamonds, emeralds, emerald-cut sapphire. The lower suspension can be used as a brooch.
  • Earrings-transformers Amour Retrouvé Earrings, white and pink gold, pink sapphires.
  • Ring Fleur Bleue Ring, white gold, diamonds, emeralds, tourmaline and large sapphire cut "cushion".