What was in the box from Tiffany, which Melania Trump gave to Michelle Obama?


Michelle does not seem very happy with the gift of Donald and Melania Trump

On Friday, the solemn inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump took place. Surprisingly, but the star of the evening was already the former first lady Michelle Obama. And all the fault of her indescribable expression, – writes peopletalk. Michelle and her husband, former US President, Barack Obama, met arrivals Donald Trump and his wife Melania on the porch of the White House. Melania did not come with empty hands and gave his predecessor a large box of Tiffany jewelry brand. Michelle does not seem very happy with the gift – her face is visible. 

Note that the range of Tiffany incredible: from modest earrings, rings and pendants to luxurious necklaces and watches. But journalists came to the conclusion that there was an ordinary picture frame made of silver in a rectangular blue box.

Tiffany Frame 

Retail cost of such gadgets – 590 pounds (20 thousand USD).