What?.. Well, very strange necklace of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian (37) is not so fond of jewelry she prefers to surprise fans of daring dresses and fancy shoes (or naked photos in a pinch). But not this time!

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The star boasted a new necklace, and it’s like it was implanted in the neck Kardashian. And in the dark it still glows! “My necklace moves to the beat of my heartbeat” – said Kim.

#ahuman @ahuman pic.twitter.com/8pbdQi78kP

— Kim Kardashian West (@@KimKardashian) August 27, 2018

But still too early to worry. It turns out that this is not the implant, but just a new design for the exhibition under the name of A. Human, which opens September 5 in new York. But still looks scary.