Winter magic in the project “Angels of kindness” in support of the Fund Gosha Kutsenko “Life with cerebral palsy”

“And if so, what is beauty

And why it deify people?

A vessel she, in which emptiness,

Or fire flickering in the vessel?”

Nikolai Alekseevich Zabolotsky

Polina Askeri-Belotserkovsky, Maria Kozhevnikova, Anfisa Chernykh, Ekaterina Shipulina, Svetlana Abramova, Antonina Klimenko, Yana Kushner, Olga Soft, Irina Skrinichenko, Victoria Rozova, Sofia Arzhakovskaya, Irina Grineva, Daria Ekamasova responded to maintain a charitable Fund Gosha Kutsenko “Life with cerebral palsy” and his wards, children with cerebral palsy. In refined evening dresses from Russian designer Alena kochetovoy the girl appeared before the lens of the Marina Gornostaeva. Stylist of the project “Angels of kindness” made by Vsevolod Korolev.

How much we can do, if we are strangers to indifference. And that without a vector of creation and light, without the helping hand in healing and miracles… the Project “Angels of the good” gathered the most beautiful women of Russian cinema, theater, television. Ideologues of winter magic made by designer Alena Kochetkova and Creator of the transformational project “Magistratura” Lily Kadarka.

Polina Askeri

Полина Аскери Полина Аскери Полина Аскери

Alena Kochetkova and Lily Kadatskaya

Алена Кочеткова и Лиля Кадатская

Antonina Klimenko

Антонина Клименко Антонина Клименко

Anfisa Black

Анфиса Черных Анфиса Черных Анфиса Черных

Daria Ekamasova

Дарья Екамасова Дарья Екамасова Дарья Екамасова

Irina Grineva

Ирина Гринева Ирина Гринева

Irina Skrinichenko

Ирина Скриниченко Ирина Скриниченко

Lily Kadatskaya

Лиля Кадатская

Maria Kozhevnikova

Мария Кожевникова Мария Кожевникова Мария Кожевникова Мария Кожевникова Мария Кожевникова

Olga Soft

Ольга Мягких Ольга Мягких

Svetlana Abramova

Светлана Абрамова Светлана Абрамова

Sofia Arzhakovskaya

Софья Аржаковская Софья Аржаковская Софья Аржаковская Софья Аржаковская

Yana Kushner

Яна Кушнер Яна Кушнер

Catherine Shipulina

Екатерина Шипулина Екатерина Шипулина

Victoria Rozova

Виктория Рунцова Виктория Рунцова

Alena Kochetkova

Алена Кочеткова Алена Кочеткова