Russian oligarchs threw a Space wedding at Radisson Blu Resort Zavidovo


Russian oligarchs spend money on fabulous holidays for beloved children, especially if it is such an important celebration, like a wedding. Wedding of the daughter of Vice President of AFK "System" Leonid Monosov, 25-year-old Alina Monosova, cost tens of millions of rubles. Heiress of businessman married the son of the owner of the company "Professional and vending machines", soccer player of "Gazprom UGS" Paul Kalturin. And the celebration was held at the hotel «Radisson» in Zavidovo.

A team of 400 professionals has decorated a banquet hall and a hall at a height of four stories in the form of the universe with planets and stars

The main surprise for the guests was the acrobatic performance of newlyweds themselves: the bride and groom flew through the air on one of the "planets". 

Tables covered with silver cloths and transparent chairs stood in a "cosmic woods," reminiscent of footage from "Avatar." Hall decorated with white flower arrangements. Special mention deserves "alien" wedding cake. 

The wedding was attended by about 200 guests. By the way, invitations were also thematic and in the form of cosmic spheres depicting the zodiac constellations of bride and groom.

According to the most conservative estimates, the holiday cost 60 million rubles. And this does not include the fees of stars of the national stage. But they were rather big – the total fee of famous artists was 10 million rubles. "Leningrad" band, headed by Sergei Shnurov performed famous hit "Exibit" and Polina Gagarina performed her Eurovision song «A million voices».  By the way, the singer changed the words specifically for the bride and groom. Also, guests were entertained by Dominick Jocker.

There is no doubt that space wedding of Alina and Paul Kalturin will surely long be remembered. And not only by the newlyweds and guests, but also those who are engaged in registration of this holiday. As acknowledged by the decorators themselves, it was "incredible transformational experience." Without a doubt, this cosmic feast could easily claim to be the "Wedding of the Year 2016".