That’s bullshit press secretary of Oksana Voevodina denied her divorce with the ex-king of Malaysia

Information about the divorce of the winner of the Miss Moscow 2015 contest, Oksana Voevodina, with former King of Malaysia Muhammad V is untrue, said model spokeswoman Maria Shakhova. “The information has not been verified by anyone. They write nonsense. All refer to the Telegram channel, which says that they are “talking.” Who is talking, where is talking? ”- quotes her city news agency“ Moscow ”.

January 24, the media reported that the 49-year-old ex-king of Malaysia, Muhammad V, and the 25-year-old “Miss Moscow 2015” Voevodina decided to divorce two months after the wedding. The reason was called “cooled feelings” and frequent quarrels. On January 6, Muhammad V decided to resign as head of state. The kings of Malaysia are elected for a five-year term.

Oksana said that the child is forever linked her with her husband. A family relationship is their own business. Her husband provides her, and now she is busy only care about the child, the Daily Mail quoted lawyer Vojvodina.