The ex-soloist of the SEREBRO marries

 As a member of the popular trio, 26-year-old Daria Shashina kept her personal life a secret. However, after leaving the band due to problems with her leg the girl has officially introduced her chosen one. In May last year at the celebration of the birth of Max Fadeev singer appeared, accompanied by a young man who turned out to be partcipant of the third season of the show "The Voice" Ivan Chebanov.

 As it turned out, the couple lived together for two years, and it became known today that they got engaged.

"She did not expect anything, I arrived in the evening. I ordered a lot of balls, bought a ring. I went to the balcony and shouted for her to come out. Climbed over the balcony, got on one knee and put the ring", – said Ivan Chebanov.

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