Wedding photos of Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy and model Elle Evans


The star couple

Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy married model Elle Evans

Фронтмен Muse Мэттью Беллами женился на модели Элль Эванс

Elle Evans and Matthew Bellamy

Some marriages break up, others are… August 10 we had a wedding to 41-year-old Muse front man Matthew Bellamy and 29-year-old model Elle Evans. The first photos from the celebration, newly-married couples already shared with fans in social networks.

Элль Эванс и Мэттью Беллами

Элль Эванс и Мэттью Беллами

Matthew and Elle began to meet in 2015, shortly after the breakup of a musician with Kate Hudson. In December 2017, the musician made the girl a proposal of marriage:

Just a few days after my birthday, during the most romantic holiday of my life, the man of my dreams asked me to marry him. After tears of joy, shock and second thoughts that this is not for real, of course I told him Yes! I can’t imagine that we’re not together. I see a future full of light, love, family, friends and happy moments

– told followers Elle.

Элль ЭвансЭлль ЭвансЭлль ЭвансЭлль ЭвансЭлль Эванс

Before meeting with Evans, as mentioned, Bellamy was Dating actress Kate Hudson. And even was engaged to her, but before the wedding, the couple went in 2014 and I broke up.

After the break, they retained friendly relations for the sake of son Bingham, who is now eight years old. Elle gets along well with the boy and his mother, Kate and Matthew with new lovers and children regularly vacation together.

Элль Эванс и Мэттью Беллами

Элль Эванс и Мэттью Беллами с сыном